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Anika {HS Senior}

On a gorgeous fall morning, I met up with Anika in downtown Portland to capture her HS senior portraits.

From her sense of style, adventure, and athleticism, to what she wants to do with her life, I was nothing but impressed by this young lady. Sassy and confident, girlie and sweet; watch out world, Anika is comin’ for you.

Erin Fortin
Adoption Day

Happy Adoption Day, Cabo girl! You bounded into our lives 5 years ago and you made our little world a whole lot brighter. You are tender with little kiddos, give the best 'welcome home' spins, and are the perfect trail running, free-spirited dog in all the lands.

Erin Fortin
Silver Star Mountain

Silver Star Mountain has been on our PNW bucket list for years. We tried finding this trailhead in 2014, to no avail. Again, in 2015 we struck out in search of her trailhead and were turned away with unexpected snow drifts blocking the already rugged 4-wheel drive forest road. But finally, one gorgeous summer afternoon in 2016, we made it to the epic trailhead and started the 1200ft climb by foot to the summit. 

Summit glory never tasted sweeter. 

Erin Fortin

Recently, my husband whisked me away on a surprise birthday trip to the stunning Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Can you believe how beautiful this place is? I sure could not.

Everyday trail running / lake canoeing / glacier gazing and, you know, the occasional grizzly bear encounter. 

Erin Fortin
2016 Tour du Mont Blanc

For vacation this year, my husband and I decided to tackle the Tour du Mont Blonc through the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps. We originally planned to hike the loop as most do - a 10 day backpacking journey, staying each night at a hut (rustic mountain hostel) - but just didn't have enough vacation days. So we decided to RUN it instead, averaging about 20 miles a day. And it was a blast. 

105 miles. 30,000ft of elevation gain.

5 unbelievable days running the iconic Tour du Mont Blanc. 

Erin Fortin