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Fun Facts About Me
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Fun Facts About Me

  • Not long ago, I ran for 1065 consecutive days in a row

  • My favorite food in the world is a steamed artichoke

  • We lived in Singapore for 6 years

  • The view out our backdoor is a luscious garden forest with butterfly bushes, laurels, hydrangeas, apple trees, and a protected stream that won’t ever bring construction/new homes

  • I learned sign language as a young girl

  • The first major gift I’ve ever bought myself was a 3 megapixel Canon point-and-shoot

  • When I was 7 years old, a monkey stole my lunch and my mom chased it down until the monkey dropped it

  • I learned how to drive on a 1986 Cadillac

  • My family has an epic text thread going on at any given moment

  • If someone is upset, it makes me upset. 

  • Seeing someone happy, makes me happy.

  • Hallmark commercials used to make me cry (ok, ok, fine, they still do)

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