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13/52: Upcoming events to which I am so looking forward

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Upcoming events to which I am so looking forward:

  • Hugging Mama Dubs (Weez’s mom) at PDX when she lands in 2 hours

  • Packing (mostly swimsuits and sarongs) for Puerto Vallarta

  • The moment we step off the plane

  • The moment we walk into our hotel room

  • The moment I sip my first pina colada (virgin, this time around)

  • Floating around at the pool

  • Snorkeling in the ocean

  • Eating copious amounts of Mexican food

  • The moment we return and I run into Reese’s arms, gobbling her right on up, and kissing those delicious cheeks of hers

Leaving our girl for a “just us” vacation will be tough, but so, so worth it.