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12/52: Things I worried about today

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Things I worried about today:

  • Where to bring these adventurous clients for their waterfall engagement session on Sunday

  • When I can start realistically start packing for our babymoon (it’s not for 12 more days… not that I’m counting… okay, I’m totally counting)

  • What I can do to relieve these achy 30-week pregnant hips

  • Why it’s not Wednesday - my favorite day of the week because it means I get to spend the whole day 1:1 with our baby girl

  • How I can help my mom download our family photos from last weeks’ family reunion

  • If 4hrs on high is enough to crockpot this 3lb pork loin for our BBQ tonight

  • Whether to dress Reese in a dress or jeans for our maternity session at the Cherry Blossoms

As you can tell, there’s much for me to be grateful for these days. While there have been many a week with a heavy heart, deep concerns, and fearful moments, today is just not one of them.

Today, I am smiling.