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11/52: How I Create Running Photos

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I’ve been a trail runner since I graduated college and hung up my racing spikes (2008). I’m not one to carry a fancy watch, time myself, or count my splits. Just gimme some delicious single track, forested or mountain views, and I’m in my happy place.

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As such, Weez and I have built our vacations around running adventures: running around a foggy crater in the Galapagos islands, running Barcelona sites (that was a long day), running the 100 mile Tour du Mont Blanc, running the 100 mile Alta Via 2 in Italy, the Colorado Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Wildwood Trail most locally here in Portland.

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We try to capture these trips in photos because they are some of the most gorgeous places in the world we’ve ever been.

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So how do I keep my camera safe to get the shots? How do we create the photos? I thought I’d share some photos and tips today!

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How I Create Running Photos

  • Keep your camera out and easily accessible. The last thing I like to do is stop in the middle of a great trail to dig around for my camera. I want to be able to grab it, snap an action shot, and keep going.

  • Carry a running hydration pack. I love my Ultimate Direction 20L and can’t imagine trail running without it. It fits my 2L bladder, a waterproof shell (or extra layer), snacks, and my camera.

  • Depending on the trip, I run with my iphone or a GoPro. Both are super small, super light, and easy to protect from the elements. I used to run with my Canon Mark III DSLR, shoved into my Ultimate Direction pack, but the weight and nature of a bulkier DSLR deterred me from continuing this habit.

  • iPhone protection: put it in a ziplock bag and tuck it into the front pouch of your running pack or in an easy-to-grab spot in your backpack

  • GoPro protection: these things are robust in their waterproof cases, so I don’t do anything special but ensure it’s securely attached to my backpack

  • Once I’m back home, I upload the photos to my computer and edit!

I know there are a plethora of IGers with epic feeds showcasing gorgeous trails and mountains, which is super inspiring. But for me when I’m trail running? Enjoying the adventure >> carrying fancier cameras. I have an iphone and that’s good enough :)