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52 Lists (and 1/52)

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I love lists. Of course I love To Do lists and the satisfaction of checking them off one by one when you’re having a crazy productive day, but I also love creative lists.

I think it’s so important as a photographer to explore new projects, but I also think it’s important to find ways to relate to one another. I love when clients tell me they have their degree in chemistry, or when they visited Colorado, or they have a black lab, too. Maybe as this year unfolds, we’ll find we have a lot common. I sure hope so.

So I thought it would be fun this year to create one new list each week and share it here. 52 Lists. I’d love for you to join me or even message me on social media (@ErinFortinPhoto) some of our commonalities. Forever inspired by the incomparable Hula Seventy, this idea came after seeing what she is working on this year: 365 Lists. What a legend! Now here we go!

Things That Absolutely Delighted Me This Week [1/52]

  • Photographing a newborn session (oohhh do I love newborns)

  • Reading all the nominations of inspiring local women for a special edition magazine issue I’ll be photographing later this month

  • Tutoring chemistry once again after a semester off

  • The way Reese picks up balls that have gone overboard and places them back inside her ball pit ever so sweetly

  • Eggo waffles for breakfast

  • Birdbox

  • Skiing at Meadows while Weez took Reese snowshoeing

  • Putting away all our holiday decorations

  • Using an InstaPot for the first time

  • Taking another Photoshop class

  • Bubblebaths.

  • A phone call with an old friend

  • Planning new content for the new year, starting with 52 Lists.