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Things that got me through Monday morning

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Things that got me through Monday morning

  • Meeting two deadlines

  • Rocking that work/life balance during the Super Bowl by editing photos while also enjoying all the puppy commercials

  • Looking at my calendar and seeing not a single photoshoot scheduled for this upcoming weekend (first weekend 100% off in MONTHS!)

  • Then looking at my calendar and seeing 3 photoshoots the weekend following (because let’s be real, I’m happiest and thriving when we’re busy)

  • Our baby girl’s anatomy ultrasound, where we got to see her growing and kicking and stretching her little limbs

  • Knowing that we’re more than half way through this pregnancy

  • Comparing the ultrasound photos to Reese’s ultrasound photos from a year ago

  • Discovering that tickling the bottom of Reese’s feet brings her massive amounts of joy and unconstrained giggles

  • Uploading the last EFP Family to my work computer to begin culling

  • Scrolling through each photo and thinking that one was my favorite, no that one, no that one

  • Knowing this family will love their photos