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How To Add Adventure Into Your Engagement Session

If you spend your weekends in the mountains, seeking new trailheads, kicking mud off your boots, or baggin' another summit, then we're the same kind of people. When I'm not working, I'm usually in running shoes, a trucker hat and shades, most likely getting lost with my husband, baby girl, and black lab in search of new trails.

So you're an adventurous couple and you want your engagement photos to match your vibe? Well you've come to the right place my friend! 

There are a plethora of ways to add adventure to your photos!

GET OUTSIDE. From the Oregon Coast (hello gorgeous reflective beachy photos) to the Columbia River Gorge (oh, shucks, let's gaze at yet another waterfall...), there is no shortage of options for an outdoorsy, adventurous vibe. 

FIND AN ACTIVITY. Is there a hobby you two love to do together? Incorporate it into your shoot with props or the location. If you're a foodie, use a cooking class as the location for your photos or better yet, have your photographer over while you're cooking at home. Did you meet somewhere cute? Reminisce by heading back there for photos. 

BRING YOUR DOG. This goes without saying, but dogs bring out joy in every pet owner. Hitting the trails with your furry friend is an easy way to add personality to your photos. Plus, I really really love dogs. 

BRAVE THE ELEMENTS. Rain doesn't stop us from getting outside here in the PNW. Grab a clear umbrella and meander downtown, popping in and out of record shops. Tromp through snow on a chilly morning. Cool off at an outdoor beer festival with some microbrews.